MN Classic 4.0.2 Logo and Flickering Screen

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MN Classic 4.0.2 Logo and Flickering Screen

Message non lu par Digitaldiag » ven. sept. 18, 2020 8:14 pm

I have a MN 1 original version was 4.0.2
I tried to update using official software , but it got stuck at loading.
So I checked the inand to be faulty
I managed to write the 4.06 dump to a SanDisk card and when I was testing it was ok.

So while I was putting it back together I am not sure what happened
Now when I power on the logo stays on and the screen flickers every few seconds and nothing loads.

I checked the resistors, they are all 10k.
However when I check the voltage on the cmd pin it's only 1.7v, and when the flicker happens the voltage also changes to 1.9v.

Do you thing I have blown the main cpu ?

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Re: MN Classic 4.0.2 Logo and Flickering Screen

Message non lu par MIdev » ven. sept. 18, 2020 10:40 pm

did you format the storages card and card4 with manamana?
then copy the most recent version 4.1.0.
version 4.0.2 is not successful, as generally it is the processor which burns.


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